Monday, January 8, 2018

Post Christmas 2017

We had a great week after Christmas - maybe except for the fighting.  But we had a low key week, where we played with our toys from Christmas, cleaned up our Christmas stuff, went out and enjoyed some time together as a family, and spent more time with cousins.

After Christmas since Taft got over his cold and was taking a break from teething, he was so sweet and happy and cuddly.  And Briz has loved trying to help take care of him.  She's changed his diapers a few times and puts him down for naps.  

We spent one day at Classic Fun Center.  It was very busy, but the kids had a blast. They brought their scooters and rode around one of the tracks.   Nick and I felt like we needed a shower after.

Taft kept himself entertained with a straw and water.  I've tried to get him to drink water out of an bottle and sippy cup, but no luck.  He wouldn't stop drinking it with a straw.

Although he wasn't teething, Taft continued to put everything in his mouth.

The girls tried out their bath gels, that turned the bath water into a jelly like substance. 

And they LOVED painting with their new easel.  I'm excited for them to use it more, but it might be even better in the summer when we can put it outside and I don't have to worry about the mess.

We went up to Midway to go sledding at Soldier Hollow.  It ended up being a really warm night so the sledding paths were icy, and after two runs, we got vouchers to come back another time.  Taft liked the snow for a few minutes.  And then decided he hated it.

The sledding was really fun and I was really proud of the girls for being so brave, cause they were really fast.  Briz went by herself both times.  And Wembley didn't complain or whine at all.  The first time, on the run with Nick, they almost flew off the other side of the mountain.  Luckily Nick was able to stop them in time.

For New Years, we went over to Bri and Ronells and had a blast eating a ton of food and playing games.

Christmas 2018

Christmas was a wonderful day.  We woke up around 8 a.m. and opened presents for a few hours before heading over to Bri and Ronell's for a lunch.

The girls both got bikes.  Briz had outgrown her old princess bike and Wembley has been doing so well on her balance bike, we're hoping sometime soon she'll be able to take on the bike without pedals.  Taft got a truck walker.  He loved it.  He sat it in happy for at least an hour.

Pops and Grandma Julie came over early in the morning to watch us open presents.  Grandma wanted the kids to show the bums on their new Christmas jammies.

The kids also got a new swing set for the backyard, amongst other things.  From Papa and Nona, they got a new painting easel.  Briz loved her American Girl doll car, wardrobe, and clothes.  She also got some some new wheelies which she loved.  Wembley got some things for her kitchen, and she loved her new dress up wedding dress.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Christmas Prep

Papa and Nona came into town for Christmas and the girls were so excited!  We went straight to Sierra's Millenial Choir Concert and it was one of the most amazing things I've heard!

I got stated on my second batch of baking.

We went to Nutracker for a girls night out.  It was also fantastic.  The scenes and costumes were unbelievable.  Briz was on the edge of her seat the whole time, and clapping vigorously.  It was cute to see how enthusiastic she was.  She also said, "Mom, I want to be on point!"

We celebrated Nick's bday with a family party.  We had pizza and cake and played a large game of mafia.  It was really fun.

The kids also got sick.  Wembley had pneumonia and Taft had a cold and pink eye.  It could have bene much worse, but it did make all of the Christmas prep a little tough.

When we went to the nutcracker, we checked out Macy's candy windows downtown.

One day, we all met up at the Childrens museum.  It was so busy!  Everything was a little nuts the week before Christmas.  So much traffic!

On Saturday, we went to Portia's indoor soccer game.  She scored her teams only goal.

We went and hung out at Bri and Ronell's one night.   

And Papa and Nona were matching the kids at church on Christmas Eve Sunday.

We had Christmas Eve at our house on Sunday.  It included all of our family but the Michels, and Mike and Julie came.