Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Brizzy's special week

Brizzy had a very special week for her 6th birthday.

Wembley got to come to class for Brizzy's birthday moment.  

Briz got to sit in the teachers chair and the kids got to give her a compliment and/or ask her a question.

For the day of her birthday, we went with her cousins to the Clackams Aquatic Center where we went down waterslides, swam, and rock climbed.

Then Briz got her big present: she flew to Utah by herself to spend a weekend with her grandpa and grandma, aunts, and cousins.  It was her idea.  And I was all for it, until we went to the airport.  And I thought I was going to have a panic attack.

I was full on crying watching her get on the plane. It felt so wrong.  But she was perfectly fine and excited.

When the plane took off, my stomach dropped.  I knew logically she would be fine.  But it went against everything I feel as a mom to keep my kid close and protect them.  Luckily I knew once she got to Utah she would be great!  And she was.  She had a total blast and really didn't miss us at all.

While she was gone we had great weather, and Wems and I played in the water.

We also celebrated mothers day.  It was a very restful day.

We had a great day at church and enjoyed the sunshine outside.

We also went exploring the rhododendron garden with Wesley and Megan.  Look at that look of adoration.  It's very much one way.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Happy 60th to my Dad

Some friends threw my Dad a 60th birthday party in April.  My Mom asked me to do a game, so I put together a slide show where people had to guess his age for each picture.  I loved finding these pictures and wanted to share some of them on the blog.  I think I thoroughly embarrassed him with some of the pictures so mission accomplished.

Him at Disneyland with his older brother Doug.  They used to drive down to Santa Monica to visit his grandma and go to Disneyland regularly.  It's why he loves it so much.  

A cute little 2 year old.

Afraid his little sister Laurie is going to destroy the cake.

Who wears short shorts? He's the guy on the farthest left.

He got SO dark as a little boy.  His brothers called him chocolate boy and he hated it.

With all of his siblings and his Dad.

With his whole family as a teenager.

With my uncle Colby and James while he and my Mom were dating.

Sweet tux at his Prom.

Nothing depicts the 70's like this picture.

In front of our house in California.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

April 2016

April was a fun month because we convinced my Mom to plan a trip to Disneyland for my Dad's 60th birthday.  It was just the siblings.  Can't remember the last time we were all together, let alone, together without spouses and kids.  It's probably been at least 15 years.  It was amazing how we all reverted back to our old roles as siblings and we acted like we did 15 years ago :)  Growing up, the only family vacations we took were to Bend, OR and to Disneyland.  So it was fun to relive some of our best memories.

At first, it felt weird to be there without kids.  I was sort of sad I didn't get to see Brizzy's eyes light up at everything.  But I got over it soon enough and realized how awesome Disneyland is without kids. No whining, no naps, no strollers . . .We also were able to totally work the fast pass system because we would sent Landon sprinting over to the other side of the park to get us fast passes while we waited on line.

And we went on pretty much everything.  The big rides at least twice, but all of the small rides too.  Here we are on It's a Small World.  My favorite as a kid.

And on Peter Pan.  McKenna's favorite as a kid.

One of our favorite things to do at theme parks is to make stupid faces for the camera.  The one above we were shooting for constipated.  I think we did pretty good. 

On the Tower of Terror - one of our favorites - we did Jazz Hands.  Again.  Nailed it.  I also love this ride because my Mom gets genuinely scared.  No matter how many times we went on it, she was laughing and petrified.

The weather was beautiful and there weren't many crowds.  All of the spring breakers were gone.  At night we would come home and play Cards Against Humanity and laugh until our faces hurt.  And on the third day, we laid out by the pool and talked.   It was such a fun weekend and a total once in a lifetime chance.  Hopefully my Dad liked it as much as we did :)  I think he missed his grandkids a little.

In the month of April we did a lot of playdates.  One day, we took Brizzy's friend Blair to the Children's Museum.  They had a lot of fun being silly: face painting, playing in the water, and playing in the physical activity room.

 This was Wembleys attempt at doing Yoga.  I could not stop laughing.  I had been doing quite a bit of yoga at home and clearly this is what Wembley sees modeled :)

On another playdate, we took Connor and Cate to Tryon Creek Park where we did some hiking and lunching.  We were excited to take advantage of the sunshine.

April started to get into the 80's.  So we were outside a lot!  We started acting like it was summer and put the sprinkler under the tramp.

And laid out and ate snacks.

At the beginning of the month we enjoyed conference.  Love how into the activities Brizzy gets.  

Wembley not so much.  But she was happy that she got to take the sand out of the laundry room.

We took a break from conference and practiced our roller blading.  We all got roller blades for Christmas and hadn't had a chance to put them to use.  I forget how hard roller blading is. I do not trust myself to stop at all!

We had a fun playdate with Wembleys friend Tenley. We went to the library story time where the bubbles were a big hit.  And then headed to the park.

Wembley doesn't like playing with friends at all.

Another sunny day, another playdate at the park.

Wembley spent most of the month wearing the princess dress up high heels around our house.  I was actually impressed she could walk so well in them.  

It was a monumental occasion when Brizzy's friend Blair let me do her hair.  I had to document it.

As always, Wembley got into mischief by drawing on things with a permanent marker.  

And spent a lot of time outside in her bathing suit.

I was able to finally teach Art Lit to Brizzy's firsr grade class. It was hard to find a time to schedule it this year but it finally happened.  Wish I could have done it more often.

Nick and I went to see Newsies.  It was fantastic and I found myself singing outloud most of the time (Nick loved that).

I cut Wembleys hair because her mullet was getting out of control.  It made her look a lot younger but I was fine with that.  

Another playdate with a nature scavenger hunt.

I chaperoned Brizzy on her field trip the rock museum.  It was so cool!  Not sure Briz thought it was as cool as I did.  

But she loved going somewhere with all of her buddies and her mom.  

These first graders are all so cute.  They love telling jokes and holding my hand.

And another playdate with our friend Kyson.