Monday, October 26, 2009

B to the a to the t to the h

One thing about Brizzy that has not changed since about week 2 is her love of water. She LOVES her baths. I know that whenever she's upset, that she will be at least happy temporarily if I stick her in some lukewarm water.
Lately, she splashes so much that she sprays herself in the face and gets very startled. Also while splashing she accidentally swallows some and then take big gasps. I have been practicing with her sitting up in the bath, and the other day she plunged head first in the water and took a big drink. She thinks it's hillarious when her Dad encourages her to splash. I don't really get it . . . she must have her dad's sense of humor.

Here she is kicking and talking to herself or talking to her hands.

What can I say, she is a very spiritual baby. It's all in the mothering.

A total evil grin. But hey, I'll take any smile from her (especially on days like today when she is a little she-devil).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Her Poo Face

This is the face Brizzy makes when she's trying to poo. Last night, she was laying on her tummy and was grunting, eyes watering, and face turning pink for about 15 minutes. She wouldn't make eye contact with me and I couldn't stop laughing. Three large squirts proceeded and it warmed my heart. I definitely need to take a video. Speaking of videos, you can go to my friend Kera's website to see Brizzy with her little boyfriend.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My First Gig

These are senior pictures that I took for my cousin Bosten. That's right, it was my first gig (as Nick liked to say). It was pretty exciting, and it was SO much fun. I'm hoping I can do it more. If you hear any word on people who need someone to take average pictures, give them my name :)

October thus far

Some more pics of Brizzle in October.

Posing with the sweater Nona made her. Isn't it an adorable sweater. It's one of Briz'
favorites. Of course it isn't quite complete without a little drool (okay, a lot of drool).
Love her cheeks.

Not only does the sweater look cute, its one of her favorite chewing toys, as is anything you put near her mouth.
Kissin' it up with Aunt Mads.
She's pretty content as long as she's chewing on something. Come on, Briz, we need to work on those manners.
Right after she spit up all over herself and Daddy.

Very comfortable among the pumpkins. It's hard for her to look up cause her cheeks are weighing her down.

Hey, what's the deal you guys? Just leavin' me here in the dirt!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love Fest

Here are some updated pics of Briz. I don't have too many pictures of Briz and I, cause I'm usually the one behind the camera. But Nick took a turn and took some of us. I love my little girl more and more each day. Sometimes I can't stop giving her kisses. Here some pics of me loving her a little too much.

Mom, don't make me sit up anymore!

What did you just say?!?

Look Mom, no teeth!

During a sneeze.

In the middle of her explaining all of her many troubles. As you can see, I'm doing my understanding face.

No pictures Dad!

It looks like I'm laughing, but I think I'm really wincing from pain because she is pulling my hair.

No more kisses! No more kisses!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Uh . . .

I was listening to a conversation between two freshmen boys today. And in that conversation, one of the boys used the word subbosebly. Hahahaha. I was laughing very hard on the inside.