Monday, June 29, 2015

Wembley Turns One

June 20, 2015, Wembley Anne turned one year old.  It was a very low key day.  We had two doctor appointments, one for Wembley and Brizzy's 6 year well child check up.  We met friends at the zoo, and then had some pasta for dinner outside, and of course cake a couple presents.  

Wembley was all business about her cake.  She has no problem with making messes, so she just very casually took her time smearing it everywhere.  

Some of her favorite things to do is to clap, and sign more (which look like the exact same thing).

She loves to share.  Anytime she has anything she is excited about, she loves to show it off.

She hated the doctors appointment, as usual.  She has always hated the doctor, since she was one day old in the hospital.  She has yet to go to the doctor without screaming.  She loves him from a distance.  It's no surprise to me since she hates being held down for anything: diaper changes, getting dressed, anything.

She is 18 1/2 lbs.  I was pleasantly surprised with her weight.  It doesn't hold a candle to Brizzy's weight, but I no longer worry about her weight.  

I tried for a while to stop her from crawling around on the disgusting floor, but I gave up.

Brizzy loves to take over and be mom.  She loves her sister, sometimes a little too much!

We then headed to the zoo and spent the most time with Lili our favorite baby elephant.

Briz begs me to push the stroller anytime we go anywhere.

We had a nice quiet evening together.  And wembley showed off her clapping skills.

We love this sassy, hilarious, energetic, social little one year old.  She makes every activity fun with her smiles and energy.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

On Year Old Pictures

I have never had professional pictures taken since my kids have been born.  Partially its because I can take some decent enough pictures myself.  But I have recently decided that I want ones that are a bit nicer and plus I no longer have time to take nice pictures, since work is so busy.  I really wanted newborn pics of Wembley but was unable to find someone that I liked enough that wasn't ridiculously expensive.  

Enter my friend Dionne.  She just moved into my ward a few months ago, and she is an excellent photographer.  I didn't get newborn pics, but I did get some one year old pictures taken.  

Wembley was a bit of a stinker because she hates sitting still and the photo shoot went into her naptime.  But Dionne did such a great job capturing some awesome shots.    Here they are . . .

This last one makes me laugh.  She looks so chubby and grumpy.

So Long Kindy

Briz and I both had mixed feelings about the end of kindergarten.  She was very excited to be a first grader, to be a big kid and eat lunch at school.  But she was sad about saying good-bye to her teacher and to her classmates.  I felt like this year went by way too fast.  Its fun to see her grow, but I am so sad that she will be gone at school all day this fall.  

Briz had her kindergarten graduation.  It was a little ridiculous that they had a big celebration for going to kindergarten, but Briz was excited so we pretended to be excited.

She had to take a selfie with her school tee shirt.  

They sang some cute songs and wore their official graduation caps.

Dubs of course dodged her Dad's kisses the whole time.  It's what she does best.

Nick with his girls.

Briz with her bestie, Blair.  These two girls have been peas in a pod all year.  

And Briz worshipped her teacher, Mrs. Borrelli.  She was sad saying good-bye to her teacher.

This is the day after graduation, her last time getting on the afternoon bus.  

She was excited, but I was very sad.  It sort of hit me right as she got on the bus and I was trying to hold back tears.  I couldn't believe 9 months ago I had a kindergartner; not sure where the time went!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Aunt Brittany's Visit the 2nd

Aunt Brittany came to visit for Wembley's birthday.  It was a bit of a bummer because she just came end of April for Brizzys bday and then we just made a last minute trip to Utah last week, so she wasn't necessarily craving to see the girls. But she was a good sport and came anyway.

She got to join Brizzy at her field day.  Briz of course picked out her own outfit. She was so excited to wear her new Nike hat.  

Aunt Brittany was on Wembley patrol as I signed up to help out.

They competed in a lot of cute, fun games but it was a HOT day so we were all wiped.

Luckily we were able to cool down with popsicles.  

I have grown attached to Brizzys class as I've volunteered throughout the year.  I love these sweet kids.  And it makes me sad that I may not be able to see them in class next year.

We then went swimming at Uncle Mark and Aunt Susie's, followed by a girl movie and a guy movie.   Britt and I went with one of my friends to see Far From the Madding Crowd.  Excellent movie by the way.  Nick and his friend went and saw Mad Max.  No thanks.

The next day we took a very adventurous hike up to Buck Lake on Mount Hood.  We took the wrong path and ending up hiking a few extra miles through the forest and then scaled down a mountain.  The last part was all boulders and I really wish I would have taken a picture of it once we came down.

The water was beautiful and not too cold. I was surprised, especially for this time of year.   Briz was brave and jumped right in.

I, on the other hand, noticed a lot of newst swimming around and I freaked out.  I have never swam with newts before and they are gross.  They look like aliens swimming in the water and are not at all afraid of people.  Ew.  

Wembley loved the water and wanted to dive in.  I love that my girls love the water and aren't afraid to go swimming in cold water.  They're true Oregonians I guess.