Friday, October 30, 2015

Saturday Shenanigans

During the Priesthood session, Megan and I decided to take the kids on an adventure.  We wanted to go on a bikeride to dinner.  It started with my bike not working, so I had to borrow Megan's husband's bike.  I got to the park and realized that I had forgotten an important piece of the bike trailer.  I had to drive home, get it, and then came back. I realized that the piece didn't work, and had to jimmy wrig the trailer to the bike.  We got to dinner, and by the time we got seated it was late.  The kids were starving, they were all having meltdowns and the food took forever.  It was dark by the time we left.  Not a big problem except that we did not have nighttime bike gear.  We had to ride through pitch black dark, and through a very sketchy park.  We used our phones as flashlights so we could see.  We made it back safely, but I'm pretty sure the kids don't trust us anymore.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Jog a thon

Briz had her annual jog a thon.  I get really tired of school fundraisers so I encourage her do to this one and not a single other one.  She really ran with it (ha no pun intended) this year and got on the phone and started hustling.  She really had no call fear, I was impressed.  And she got some great pledges.  Come time for running day, and she was pooped.  It's taken Briz a while to adjust to school this year with it being all day and being in after school activities.  It's been rough for her (and me).  She is pretty much always tired, and the afternoon of the jog a thon was no different.  It took her a while to get into it.  The second lap she looked defeated and wanted to stop.  But she is determined and kept moving along.  She gradually got better and better, and ended up running 28 laps.  That equals 2.8 miles in 30 minutes.  Not bad.  

Wembley liked it more than Briz.  She LOVES going to Brizzy's school.  She thinks all of the kids are her friends and they are putting on a party for her.


The other day my friend came to pick up her daughter at our house and she called me outside our house letting me know that there were a few deer in my front yard just eating my bushes in the middle of the day.  I walked outside and they just started meandering through my backyard, not afraid of me at all.

They then proceeded to roam around the cul de sac.  This is one of the pros of living where I live, one of the big cons: a lot of road kill.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Socialite

Wembley's babysitter just told me, "She's like a real little person."  Yes she is.  A real social little person.  I have continued to try to keep her social with lots of playdates.  

She attended her friend Julia's first birthday party and tried very very hard to eat more than her allotted cupcake.  She did a great job at making a huge mess.

Dubs has created a special bond with her weekly playmate.  Now when she sees her she yells, "Cate!"  Keep in mind, she still doesn't really say Mom.   

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Still Sunny

Now that Briz is in school, it's a treat when I get to be with my girls for the day.  I definitely could enter a complaint here about the school system and how ridiculous it is that they already have a day off after only like three weeks of school, but selfishly I loved it.  I loved having my girls just to me on a sunny day.  Unfortunately, Briz woke up and threw up.  I was bummed.  I made the girls nap and when they woke up, everyone seemed to be healthy and fine.  So we headed off to discover a new park in Portland

Westmoreland Park has really cool logs everywhere used as climbing structures and balance beams

I should have brought bikes, because there were a lot of trails.  Next time.

We then headed over to the sand area. The girls were occupied there for about two hours.  They had soom cool pumps and water features for the girls to play with.  

We made mudpies, soups, and all different kinds of pretend games.  Wembley mostly waddled around, tried to steal toys from other kids, and spread mud all over her body.

A very much needed break from reality for all of us.  

Saturday, October 3, 2015

'Tis the Season

I have started to get into the Halloween spirit at our house.  I normally tell myself that I have to wait until October 1st, but we have such a crazy October this year with Landon's wedding and the Holly Hoop (and I told myself I was going to start doing my Christmas shopping in October this year), that I figured I might as well get into the spirit early.  That means I force Wembley to try on costumes at the grocery store for my personal entertainment.

We also made Halloween Sugar cookies and invited friends over to decorate them.  I forgot to take into account the sugar high that would ensue and it was a bit chaotic, but totally worth it to see these smiling faces.  

We also put up Halloween decorations, not that I have very many.  I am actually excited for fall this year, even though it still doesn't feel like it.  It's still 75 degrees out and sunny.  I'm still wearing flip flops and shorts.  I will never complain about that, but am actually ready for cozy weather this year.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Birthday time extended

The Saturday after my birthday, I basically ditched out on being a parent.  My favorite present ever!  I was in our stake womens triathlon that morning.  I only did the swimming and biking portion of it because I had just had mono the week before and didn't want to push myself too much and get sick again.  But it was fun!  I particularly like the swim part.  I was the first one to go and I loved being cheered on.  

Then after the triathlon and soccer, Megan and I went on a bike ride downtown.  We explore some new paths, including the water walkway.  It's so cool.  We went around downtown, went through Saturday market, and stopped for lunch outside.   It's been so beautiful here; it was an awesome Saturday being able to just enjoy the sunshine and talking with my pal.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

More playdates

Since Briz has been at school, I have been trying to keep Wembley entertained.  It's tough though because she still needs two naps most days (I've been trying to ween her to one but hasn't worked yet).  And in any spare moment, she thinks its a blast to just destroy my house.  She is destructive and mischievous.  We have been having a lot of playdates, and that has helped curb her destructiveness.  I joined a running group with a couple other women in my ward.  I can only do it three days a week since I work the other two, but I watch four other kids one morning and then run the other two.  I was a little hesitant, but it has been awesome.  I LOVE having the kids at my house, and Wembley loves it even more.  And its been so nice running with a friend, I forget how much more enjoyable it is than to run alone.

We have also been bike riding a little bit the last few weeks because its been such beautiful weather.  

Wesley is so sweet and willing to give Wembley hugs and kisses.  She is, however, hit or miss.

On one of our playdates, looking for leaves outside and playing on our tree swing.

Brizzy has a ball with her about 90% of the time, including in the car.

We also get to spend time with Cate lately.  Wembley just follows her around, its so cute.  And Cate's always trying to get Wembley to do things with her.  She loves being a big helper.  They spend a good 30 minutes being entertained by these stones, jumping off of them over and over again.  At one point, Cate said for 2 minutes straight, "Wembley, jump!"  Over and over again.  I love little toddlers.