Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poo, Glorious Poo

For some reason I have had the musical Oliver stuck in my head for a while. I really need to watch it soon, because I love it. Or I guess I could watch Disney's Oliver and Company and maybe that would do it for me . . . "Why Should I Worry, why should I caaaare . . ." (I love that song).

Anyhoo, my friend Tamara inspired me tonight to update my blog with Brizzy's latest poo story.

So she didn't go poo for a good 6 days. When this happens, I'm always a little on edge, wondering when and how its going to happen, cause I know its gonna be a big one. Every time she grunts, her cheeks turn pink, or her eyes get watery and focused, I try to quickly prepare myself mentally and emotionally. We were up at our family cabin at Crescent Lake (well, really the neighbor's, but that's neither here nor there), and she was a little cranky. Who wouldn't be with it backed up for a good week? We had been there for a few days and were out on the dock one evening. I think it may have been Krista's first time holding her since we had been there, and she was the lucky target. She was holding Briz in one of her favorite positions and all of a sudden I hear a few gasps and a couple laughs. It dripped out the side, onto my aunt's leg and onto the towel. Instead of taking my daughter from her, I grabbed my camera, cause it was a good photo op. I'm planning on using these on Brizzy's first date or showing it to her future spouse when she gets engaged . . . to warn him. But she seems to pick her favorite people to poo on, so that's a compliment if she ever does poo on you.

I'm happy to report that she has been pooing fairly consistently the last week or so. For those of you who didn't want to know, I apologize. But that's your fault for visiting my blog. Come back soon :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Time

There are lots of pictures in this post, just to warn you!

The month of August consisted of a lot of family time. My sister, Briawna, her husband, Ronell, and their two kids, Palmer and Portia came to visit for almost 3 weeks. We spent a lot of other time with some cousins as well, so there was always a lot of noise and commotion, but that's how I like it (for the most part). Here a lot of pictures from the month.

Cousin Crosby with Briz at our cabin on Crescent Lake.

Talking to Great Aunt Krista on the lake.

Covering her head from the cold night, and sheltering her from the mosquitoes.

Portia being a flirt on our dock.

Great Aunt Sandy and Portia making the same face at Briz.

She loves her Aunt Sandy.

The boys getting ready to throw rocks.
Seadoo ride.

Briz gets a little spoiled being around the family. There's always someone to talk to her and entertain her.

Out for some tube rides.

At Rockaway beach. We were all tempted to take our pants off, but Portia was the only one who went through with it. It was just too warm!

Papa and Nona for a walk along the beach at sunset.

More druely kisses.

Papa looks more like the same race as Palmer and Portia than he does Briz.

Inspecting her foot and the splash park in Lake Oswego.

Sandy and Hudson with Briz.

The binky is always the safe answer.

A break with some pretzels.

Hudson and Portia playing.

Palmer sprinting through the water.

I don't even think she's angry or anything in this picture, just very serious.

Dusting some stuff off her face.

Crosby posing.

Palmer loved following Hudson around. Or should I say, "Hudthon."

Briz hangin' out with Nona.

Chatting away with Sisi.

Papa is their constant playmate. They absolutely worship him.

This is after Portia told me she was going to hold her. She's the boss!

Talking and smiling.

A yummy s'more made in our backyard in Salem.

They got to eat lots of crap at Lulu's house!

Roasting a "marshallow." Oh, and I've already begun converting Palmer to Mitt Romney. Romney for Prez 2012! When he put on my shirt, he read, "Mitt Womney, fow Pwesident!"

Portia is saying, "Hi Bwizzy Bwizz, boo boo. Tickle tickle!" She's excellent at baby talk.

She is SO cute.

Swimming and getting wet in our backyard.

He kept smelling the blackberries. I don't think they really smell, but whatever!

Portia was not happy about relionquishing the bowl.

Picking blackberries with Nona.
It was one of Palmer's favorite things to do when he was here.

Playing with Papa.

More playing.

Wrestling with Papap.

Making funny noises with Papa.

Brizzy talking to her Dad, it's like lookin' in a mirror for her.
Portia and Palmer always say around Nick, "Owange is the best!" He's very proud that he taught them that.
*I have more pictures on facebook of the last month; so if you are extremely bored and want to see more, you can go there.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Portia the Nanny

The first 2 1/2 weeks of August, Briawna and Ronell came to visit with their two kids, Palmer and Portia. We had a lot of fun doing lots of different things. But Portia may have had the most fun taking care of "her baby." Portia learned early on, just how to talk to her. As soon as she would see her, she would squat down with her hands on her knees, and say (with the same influction that I use) "Hewoah Bwizzy Boo." She had a difficult time talking to her any farther than 2 inches from her face. And then when Briz would cry because of the invasion of her space, Portia would say, "Oh, is okay Bwizzy, is okay." A few times she tried to pick her up on her own. A little scary :) But Briz is so lucky to be loved so much by her older cousin. Briz couldn't look any different from her, seeing as she's pretty much as white as you can be. But I think they are going to be good friends, and Brizzy is going to learn lots of wonderful things from her cuz.