Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Brizzy and I went with some friends to a pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago. I think the highlight was this crazy cool bouncy floor thing. Briz loves to bounce.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I have seen this movie twice in the theater now, and I absolutely love it. I would even consider going to see it a third time (and that's a lot considering how cheap I am). Yes there are a couple racy scenes, but nothing that was too disturbing. Since watching this movie I have become a total geek, researching the facebook story. The whole thing is completely fascinating to me. And what is even more cool is that it is an entrepreneurial phenomenon from my generation. Anyways, just thought I would share . . .

Thursday, October 21, 2010


I am a complete failure as a person. During my wonderful weekend in Vegas, I didn't take any pictures. But I wanted to give a quick report of my great weekend anyways (Once someone else posts pictures, I will show some here).

It was an excellent four days with Sam, Bri, Mander, Mary, and Maggie. We talked, watched movies, ate a bunch of crap, shopped, ate out, went on walks, and talked some more. I got to see Baby Owen (aka Willow), Kate, and Maggie (whom I hadn't met yet); and all three babies were amazingly well behaved. It was the longest I have been away from Briz, and I was better than I thought about missing her. I guess it helps when I know her Dad is doing a good job taking care of her. But my favorite thing about the weekend was just laughing with my friends. No one thinks we're as funny as we do, but that's what makes it great.

I'm already looking into our trip next year!

P.S. I had to work really hard to keep swearing out of this post.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

For the next few days . . .

I will be here. Soaking up some sun and clubbin' it with the ladieeezz. Okay, not really, we'll joke about going out and probably stay home and watch Friends. Either way, I'm excited!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Watching people sleep can be so endearing (the exception may be my father in law who snores louder than anyone I've ever met!). Some times I will sneak into Brizzy's room at night and watch her sleep, I love to see her all sprawled out and quietly snoring (it's genetics Here are a few sleeping stories from the last few weeks:

The other day Nick came home and him and Briz were both very tired. Nick went upstairs to play with Briz while I got dinner ready. I heard one of the scariest noises for a mom: silence. So I went upstairs to check on them and this is what I found. So sweet, particularly since Briz is not a cuddler and hardly ever falls asleep in our arms.

Another night, Nick went in to check on Briz for some reason, and found her laying like this. Apparently, she was extremely relaxed in her sleep. Don't you love the high quality tummy shirt for pj's?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


About a week and a half ago, I completed my first Sprint Triathlon. It's a 500 yard swim, 12 mile bike ride, and 5k. Overall, it was really fun, and I ended up doing better than I thought I would. But next time, I would definitely ride my bike more than twice before! That may help prevent my behind from going numb. My favorite part was the swimming though (probably because this is what I prepared for the most, duh). I have never swam in a competitive atmosphere before and I loved it! My favorite thing is that you can't really tell what's going on outside of you. So I definitely think I will do another one. Here is me swimming at the beginning of the race.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


After a week of Brizzy stealing toys from kids and getting into things she shouldn't, while yelling "No!" non stop, I like to remember her in a simpler, less dramatic way :) I know, I know, it's only just the beginning.