Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lots of Animals

While in California, a few hours were spent at San Diego Zoo. I have never been, but I mean, who hasn't heard of the famous San Diego Zoo. So of course we had to go. Plus, Briz, despite her Dad's attempts to dissuade her, loves animals.

At the front.
Excited! Not the smartest face!

Riding the little gondola thingy. She loved it.

Giving me the stink eye.

How cute is this polar bear? He looks like he's smiling in his sleep.

Not sure which animals we were looking at, but she was very interested.

Zebras! She still has a hard time understanding that she should look where I'm pointing. Sometimes I exaggerate to try to get her to follow my finger.

Trying to crawl over the fence to go wrestle with the pandas.

The little baby panda. He just looks so sweet and fluffy.

Those are some big behinds! Brizzy staring the backside of some hippos.

This tiger was freaky! He kept pacing back and forth quickly right up next to the glass, like he wanted to eat all of the little kids watching him. I swear he made eye contact with Brizzy.
The face of the hippo.

It was so fascinating watching the gorillas. They just looked and moved like people. My favorite was when the babies were wrestling with their mamas.

His foot.

Just laying out scratching your armpit. I forced McKenna to take this picture.


Look at those chubby knees!
It was unfortunate that we didn't get to stay there longer, because we didn't get to see everything. This zoo is huge. But it was fun, and I probably loved seeing the animals even more than Briz.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

She WILL love Disneyland

Two months ago, I took Briz to visit my sister and her husband in San Diego, California. It was a fun packed few days. And I can't wait to go back again. These pictures are so delayed because my sister McKenna is a procrastinator and took forever to post them to an online storage site. But nevertheless, there are a lot of pictures (you can't tell me you're surprised). Here are pictures of Day 1, Disneyland!!!

We're getting ready to go into the park. She's excited, probably just because mom and aunt mac are. Let's be honest, she has no clue what's happening. But I'm just exposing her early so we can share this common bond of Disneyland.
Classic pictures in front of the flowers. Love her gut sticking out.

First ride, the rocket ship, was a success. She looks concerned, but I think she's really focusing.

We both looked extremely cool with our 3-D glasses over our regular glasses. Captain EO was awesome! Hillarious, but awesome. Brought back so many memories. Briz, however, hated it. Who knew it was so loud?

I love him. He was in his prime for Captain EO.

Finding Nemo ride. One word. Lame. I have never gone on it 'cause the line is always ridiculously long. I still have no clue why. This was Briz' least favorite ride because again, it was really loud. But she liked it before the audio came on. Here she is, staring at fake star fish and bubbles. Fascinating!

A girl after my own heart, she loved It's a Small World. Not for maybe the same reasons I did as a child. I loved it because I was obsessed with dolls, and I loved learning about different countries. Briz loved it because she could stand up in the boat and because the music was great to dance to. She is a little overwhelmed in this picture with everything to see. Look at those cheeks!

She loved TeaCups because again, she could stand up on it, and she loved the music. Mac and I when waiting in line, pick out our very favorite and sprint to try to get it, but it was no luck. We got stuck with the stupid pink cup.

No, I'm not high, but perhaps a little tired at this point. Brizzy is signing "more" for more Dumbo ride!

Her eyes are getting droopy. Definitely tired. But she did SO good for basically no naps and extreme overstimulation. It's just so hard to stop kissing her cheeks.

Mmmm, this metal tastes good. Carousel was a success.

This is probably my favorite moment at Disneyland. Brizzy never cuddles with me and never falls asleep in my arms, particularly now that she's a maniac on the loose and is constantly moving. I loved her falling asleep in my arms :)

If you can see it, her face is funny. "What the! That Winnie the Pooh ride was freaky!" It really is if you've ever been on it.

On the Tarzan thingy.

Last ride of the day, the jungle ride. She didn't appreciate the guide's humor. Geez.

Overall, it was a fun day. I felt a little bad for not giving her any naps, but she'll thank me some day. It was fun for me to go and go on all of the kiddy rides with her. Disneyland, we will see you soon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seattle Trip

I have been trying to post pictures for a while. Ideally, I would have done a slideshow, but I am a little bit retarded and couldn't figure it out. So here are a ton of pictures.

About a month ago, Nick and I decided to take a weekend away just us two in Seattle. It was so great to spend time together after a couple years of mayhem (a.k.a. graduate school). And since I had never been to Seattle, it was exciting to spend some time in the city.

A homeless guy had this sign. "Kissing Lessons." He was crazy, but hillarious.

Of course we visited Pike's Place, and I loved it.

They had a ton of gorgeous flowers!!!

A view of the city from waterfront,

Space Needle.

I was too cheap to pay to go up it. It was ridiculously expensive. So I figured a picture by it was almost as good.

We went to a Mariner's game. And there was such a cool view of the city from where we were sitting.

We were up pretty high, but I didn't care. I've wanted to go to a Mariner's game for a very long time.

The theme for the weekend. Nick taking way too many pictures. He thought he was funny.

Here Nick's doing it again.
We took a ferry out to Bainbridge Island which was so beautiful. It made me want to bring my bike and ride around the island.

View of the Space Needle from the ferry.

View of the city.

It was pretty, but cold. Come on weather!!! It's still crappy here, and now I'm getting angry.

I don't know.

Very windy on the ferry.

There were so many sailboats out. I loved them!

Another view.
I didn't take this picture on purpose, but I think it looks kind of cool.