Saturday, February 16, 2008

Denver Road Trip

Will-amette. Michael and Christi's son. Nick and I almost stole him, but we realized we didn't have a car seat. We visited the Papworths a few weekends ago in Greely, Colorado.
Michael and Nick look a little bit like two dads from Eugene, a little scary! But they found their favorite shirt ever at the Denver REI- It says, "All those who wander to Eugene are not lost." and has a picture of a white trash wagon with a bunch of stuff in it.
At the REI in Denver. We also went to Boulder, which we loved. But sadly, we didn't take any pictures. Boulder was actually the inspiration for the name of this Blog. (Long story).


Amanda said...

Look at you, you already have so many fun features and pictures on your blog. Very impressed.

You need to have some sort of date on your posts though, I get confused easily :)

Brenda said...

Okay Lexie. You officially have a stalker! Nick told me tonight about your blog. I am posting this comment on your very first post because I want you to know I read every word, on every page. I LOVED IT! I now finally feel like I know both of the Cottles! Thanks for sharing. P.S. I too blog...about everything. and Congrats on a JOB well done! Love Love Love