Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seattle Trip

I have been trying to post pictures for a while. Ideally, I would have done a slideshow, but I am a little bit retarded and couldn't figure it out. So here are a ton of pictures.

About a month ago, Nick and I decided to take a weekend away just us two in Seattle. It was so great to spend time together after a couple years of mayhem (a.k.a. graduate school). And since I had never been to Seattle, it was exciting to spend some time in the city.

A homeless guy had this sign. "Kissing Lessons." He was crazy, but hillarious.

Of course we visited Pike's Place, and I loved it.

They had a ton of gorgeous flowers!!!

A view of the city from waterfront,

Space Needle.

I was too cheap to pay to go up it. It was ridiculously expensive. So I figured a picture by it was almost as good.

We went to a Mariner's game. And there was such a cool view of the city from where we were sitting.

We were up pretty high, but I didn't care. I've wanted to go to a Mariner's game for a very long time.

The theme for the weekend. Nick taking way too many pictures. He thought he was funny.

Here Nick's doing it again.
We took a ferry out to Bainbridge Island which was so beautiful. It made me want to bring my bike and ride around the island.

View of the Space Needle from the ferry.

View of the city.

It was pretty, but cold. Come on weather!!! It's still crappy here, and now I'm getting angry.

I don't know.

Very windy on the ferry.

There were so many sailboats out. I loved them!

Another view.
I didn't take this picture on purpose, but I think it looks kind of cool.

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Sierra said...

I love that last picture of Nick. Super artsy. And I love that picture of you in the bright blue shirt where it's all windy! You look so cute! Haha. Looks like lots of fun!