Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Watching people sleep can be so endearing (the exception may be my father in law who snores louder than anyone I've ever met!). Some times I will sneak into Brizzy's room at night and watch her sleep, I love to see her all sprawled out and quietly snoring (it's genetics Here are a few sleeping stories from the last few weeks:

The other day Nick came home and him and Briz were both very tired. Nick went upstairs to play with Briz while I got dinner ready. I heard one of the scariest noises for a mom: silence. So I went upstairs to check on them and this is what I found. So sweet, particularly since Briz is not a cuddler and hardly ever falls asleep in our arms.

Another night, Nick went in to check on Briz for some reason, and found her laying like this. Apparently, she was extremely relaxed in her sleep. Don't you love the high quality tummy shirt for pj's?

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Amander said...

A baby sleeping is about the cutest thing ever.