Thursday, May 17, 2012

What We're Up to

This is what has been going on in the lives of the Cottle (some things I've missed for 2012):

1. Nick and I have been enjoying living close to downtown by trying to go to as many plays and concerts that we can fit in:
West Side Story
Beauty and the Beast
The Naked and Famous
Snow Patrol

 2.  I have started to once again hate my head: I have gotten quite a few migraines :( The only thing that works for me is Tylenol PM, trying to sleep, and an ice pack.  It can become quite a problem if we have an activity planned.  The picture above is me at the Naked and Famous concert where I was trying to keep my eyes opened.  I COULD not to save my life.

3.  Dealing with Brizzy being three.  Terrible two's my ass, it is for sure terrible three's.  She insists on wearing a dress every day and when she doesn't get to, she freaks out.  I have to pick my battles because she also wants to wear makeup every day.

 4.  I know I already mentioned Snow Patrol, but this concert was awesome!  But Nick and I are starting to realize how old we are.  These late night weekday concerts are killing us!

5.  Saw the avengers.  We ended up seeing it in 3d, and I actually enjoyed it (I normally am way too cheap to pay for 3d movies).   I am excited that there will be actually good movies in the theater this summer. Andrew Garfield as Spiderman?  And Christian Bale?  I have only have two words in response to that: Boo Yah.

6. We have been working our tails off trying to get our yard ready for summer.  We planted our vegetable garden and I even got a blueberry bush.  It has been sunny and hot and gorgeous for the last little while in Oregon and we are loving it.

7.  Work is nuts for both Nick and I.  Nick is getting ready for Epic Relay season and some stuff for the Olympics.  And my work for Romney's campaign seems to increase each week.  

8.  In the few spare moments I have, I have been trying to get my butt in gear to run in the Oregon Epic Relay.  I am getting nervous because I am definitely not up to par with my training, but now its the real countdown, so hopefully I can not die while trying to run 6 miles.  Yikes.  Wish me luck.  I need it.

9.  I had a wonderful mothers day.  Nick cleaned the house, made me german pancakes, bought me some treats and other presents, and I got to take a really long nap.  We also visited Holland's grave.  I feel very grateful for my family.


Kelly Munns said...

my favorite part is on the side where it shows briz and holland, you call briz, “the brizzness.” PURE GENIUS. you crack me up.

Carly said...

I am really, really jealous. For mother's day Daniel gave me- almost getting tickets to Wicked. Hahaha. He was too late and only the $185 tickets were left and he knew I'd be pissed if he spent $400 on tickets.

LostInTheHundredAcreWood said...

Love all the fun things you are doing!!!! But remember where your priorities are... the RELAY!!! Get your Butt out there!!! LOL!!!

Hugs to you all!!!

Meredith said...

I am jealous of all the concerts and plays you are going to. Steven and I tried to find something of that nature to celebrate our anniversary and there is a famine up here in New Hampshire...but maybe it isn't called a famine if there was never a feast. Snow Patrol would be awesome.
Hopefully I won't have to deal with Weston insisting on wearing dresses everyday at three.

Papworth's said...

I TOTALLY agree with the whole terrible two's thing. No, no, no, in our house it has been terrible three's and four's. Aside from the difficult personality, we deal with the clothes thing too. At least brizzy wants to wear cute dresses. Will wants to wear sweat pants, jammies, or shorts that are sweat pants like Every day! I have to physically take him down to get him dressed for school. I don't care, my son is not going to be the sweat pants in school boy.