Saturday, October 12, 2013

Canada Part II

The beautiful Capitol Building, and the random Native statues next to it.

We went to the Childrens Farm, with a cute little small polka dotted pig, 

ponies, llamas, baby goats, and a peacock that was fairly aggressive.

We spent quite a bit of time at some of their parks.  Canada has the best parks.  Zipline, huge spinny thing, extra long slide.  Who knew?  After this, we went and watched a cricket match.

Craigdurroghckhhasdf ( or something like that) Castle.  It was cool, but I was too cheap to go inside.  We peaked in and it seemed very Beauty and the Beast ish.

Another random beautiful government building with the most amazing gardens surrounding it.  

A beautiful, ginormous church.

View of the waterfront.  Loved all of the water taxis, yachts, catamarans, etc.

Blue Sky: Canada's version of Coke.  A very poor second.  Come on Canada.

End of the day on Saturday.  Yeah, she was done.

Briz insisted on having a tea party.  I wanted to take her to a real victoria tea party, but then realized that my cheap side was more dominant than my nostalgiac side, and so Nick improvised with his own tea party.  

Again, the coast was stunning.  Hard to describe with words.

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