Sunday, June 8, 2014

Memorial Day

Normally, I sort of despise Memorial Day Weekend.  We never have anything planned and its usually crappy weather.  But this year was a pleasant surprise.  I was bummed because I wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and do something active.  We had a fun afternoon/evening with the Papworths playing baseball at the park, having a bbq, and then roasting marshmallows in our backyard.

Then Memorial Day, we continued our tradition of cleaning graves at Holland's infant cemetery.   It ended up being a party with Papa and Nona showing up, as well as the Papworths.  It's not a big thing, we aren't able to clean all of the graves, but it still feels good to try to do something nice, while also remembering Holland at the same time.   I love that Briz is familiar with this special place and looks forward to visiting and talking with her little sister.  I know that she doesn't remember her, but she will have a lot of memories of honoring and loving her.

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Amander N said...

This makes me nostalgic for last Memorial day when we were up in Portland with you guys. I really want to come visit again SOON.