Tuesday, October 20, 2009

October thus far

Some more pics of Brizzle in October.

Posing with the sweater Nona made her. Isn't it an adorable sweater. It's one of Briz'
favorites. Of course it isn't quite complete without a little drool (okay, a lot of drool).
Love her cheeks.

Not only does the sweater look cute, its one of her favorite chewing toys, as is anything you put near her mouth.
Kissin' it up with Aunt Mads.
She's pretty content as long as she's chewing on something. Come on, Briz, we need to work on those manners.
Right after she spit up all over herself and Daddy.

Very comfortable among the pumpkins. It's hard for her to look up cause her cheeks are weighing her down.

Hey, what's the deal you guys? Just leavin' me here in the dirt!

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Amander said...

Okay, that sweater is SO cute. Grandma is super talented. And I love that line about her cheeks wearing her down. Classic!