Sunday, July 4, 2010


I am extremely behind in my posts and pictures! I'm still stuck in April, and I promise to get updated . . . some time. As for now, I am still blogging about our trip to California. The same trip that we went to Disneyland and the San Diego Zoo, we went to SeaWorld.

Outside the dolphins' pool.

My little blondie.

She loved the shows. Music plus animals equals magic for Briz. Here she is watching Shamu.

We were able to rotate and go on the rapids ride. It was freezing, but fun!

She was a little scared of the sharks and the scary music.

Loving the sea lions. She loved all of the exhibits because she was able to stand and bang on the glass while she watched the animals.

She wanted to dive in with the fishies.

Getting spoiled by aunt Mac.

Trying to get the polar bear's attention.

Signing "more" at the pet show. There were trained dogs, cats, pig, and even ducks!

We're very happy that Mac and Paul will be staying in San Diego for a long time. That means many future trips to SeaWorld.

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