Friday, July 30, 2010

A lot, lot more pictures

I promised a few posts ago, that I would have a lot more pictures from when my family was here. And here they are.

At this point, Landon still liked to keep his church clothes on as long as possible. This is the day after his homecoming.
My attractive husband playing a mean game of croquet

How cute is this smile?

Portia is SUCH a flirt. It's really entertaining.

Nick's pose cracks me up in this picture. Sometimes the way he moves his hands are a little TOO much like his Mom :)

I was trying to get him to look up, so I told him to look up at the bird in the tree. This is the result.

She loves her aunt Mac. And let's be honest, she knows just how to milk it from her aunt.

Nothing quite as comfy as Mama's chest. I love her hand resting on Bri.

Sierra describes this as a Senior Picture. It totally looks like it.

I love this picture of Paul.

Great Uncles James. He said his name should be shortened to just "Great James," but it doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

Cousins, and uh, the ball that Nash is holding.

Three things are funny about this picture:
1. Nash's face
2. Palmer's face
3. Palmer's hand
Papa and Nona giving loves to their grandkids. Can you see Brizzy's expression in this picture? Her cheeks are so smushed together they're like squeezing in her face. And I'm not sure she appreciates the love from Papa.

Cousins that look just so much alike.

Nona was happy that she just had her eyes open in this picture. It's a miracle!

Don't you just to nibble on those cheeks? Beautiful little Teya.

Hahaha. I love this picture. It's a regular occurence in our home. You would think that Briz would be used to it, but she still gets a little scared sometimes.

Portia thought it was a fun project to comb Brizzy's hair.

As mentioned above, Portia is a big flirt. Her boyfriend for the day was Jaxon, her cousin. In the words of Jaxon, "She wants to have a life long sleepover!" I got some pretty funny pictures of Portia being rather aggressive with him :)

Awww yeah, wearing Dad's slick sunglasses.

Portia followed Jaxond around all day, and then continually jumped on him. It was really hard not to laugh watching them.

Doing a little wrestling.

Nash loves Ronell. They both like yellow.

I just miss her! Stupid Arkansas.

Hahaha. I can't help but laugh when I look at this picture.

Her little model pose.

Baxter loved giving Jaxon kisses. Look how freaky his eyes are here. Spooky.

Another great niece to add to the list.

Kazden just taking it all in.

Posing in front of the Puerto Rico flag.
This was no posed picture. He legitimately wanted to squirt me.

She is such a gorgeous baby.

We're all happy Lanny's home. It was a great excuse for everyone to get together.
So which picture was your favorite? I always like getting feedback.

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