Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Labor Day

As noted in the previous post, Nick and I went to our family cabin for labor day weekend. When sitting around, doing nothing but eating, we realized that the name for the weekend is pretty ironic, because we were doing pretty much the opposite of labor. But that's neither here nor there . . .
Here is a slideshow of our weekend. This was my fourth trip to the cabin this summer, so needless to say I love it. The water is pretty cold, but I don't care, its extremely clear. It's basically glacier water, so you can see straight down for a long, long time. And I feel tough when I go in it :) When it's hot there, the water actually feels really great.
Unfortunately, that weekend, it was only warm on Friday. Saturday and Sunday were beautiful, but it was definitely already starting to feel like fall. Our days consisted of throwing rocks in the water (Brizzy's favorite thing), reading, talking, coloring, and eating of course. On Sunday, we took a little hike up Odell Butte to about 7,000 feet, and it was gorgeous. You never fully understand how many trees are in Oregon until you see them from a high place.
I'm happy to say that Briz loves the cabin probably almost as much as I do. But probably for different reasons. She loves all of the attention she gets from her cousins, and I love the freedom :)
So long summer cabin, hopefully we will see you in the winter time!

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Amander said...

I am jealous. It looks like so much fun.