Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Warning: Don't read this when you're eating!!!

I had my first true baby puking experience. I have to say I dealt with A LOT of puke when Briz was a baby (not as much as Sadie!). But it's a whole new ball game when they it's sick puking and it's real food.

I took Briz to our school's girls volleyball games last night. She loves going to sporting events because of the music, and all of the big kids there. But it was tough because I couldn't really let her run around. When the JV game ended, they started setting up the varsity volleyball net and court, etc, so I let her run around there while we finished watching the freshmen game. I wasn't paying very close attention to her. At one point, I picked her up and felt something wet on my shoulder. I just assumed she was drooling a lot because she tends to do that. But then I smelled something nasty and I realized she was puking ALL over me, her, and the volleyball court. We were out on the court by ourselves, so about all 100 people in the stands were staring and making disgusted faces. I was SO embarrassed.

She kept throwing up as I ran out of the gym and took her to the locker room, leaving a trail of it as we went out. And I seriously smelled so bad I felt bad for anybody who came within ten feet of me. I took off my shirt in the car because it was so gross, and was just wearing my sports bra. I figured I could make it out of the parking lot safely. Oh no, I saw three teachers and a few students that I knew. I have never driven so fast. In the car, Brizzy threw up about 3 more times, then once in the garage. The rest of the throwing up was contained to her crib, but I have yet to do so much laundry. I know a lot of mothers are like, yeah, yeah, yeah, no biggie. But I was exhausted after last night! Thank goodness she woke up like nothing ever happened. After all of that cleaning up barf, I rewarded myself this afternoon with a nap :)


Amander said...

Oh man, that sounds horrible. Love that you saw people as you were just in your sports bra.

And puke just seems to get EVERYWHERE. I was in the back seat with Niya on a road trip when she got sick. I don't even know how to got all over nearly every surface on the back seat, but it did. It's amazing how much vomit can come out of such a little thing.

Carly said...

Thanks for the Sadie shout-out on the puke. I haven't experienced huge amounts of real-food puke with Sadie yet. Only small mouthfuls.

Oh and Briz should be a sumo wrestler fo sho. Sadie is going to be a hamburger. Her costume is awesome.