Monday, December 13, 2010

Cute Things

Here are some cute things Briz has been doing:

- She gets very excited about Christmas lights. When we're driving in the car, she yells "Ights!" and then when she sees them says, "Woooahh!" If she doesn't see them, she says over and over and over again, "Mo ights?" (translation, more lights)
- She has been going potty on the toilet. Don't worry, she's not freakishly advanced, she's not potty trained. She just thinks it's really fun to sit on the potty when she goes poo poo sometimes. Many times she will tell me and sign, "potty," but th
en just sits on the toilet for at least 5 minutes without actually going to the bathroom. I got her her very own potty, so she will say repeatedly, "Bizzy's potty, Daddy's potty" as she points to our real toilet.
- She has started to understand the concept of closing her eyes during prayer. So instead of just closing her eyes, she covers her eyes with her hands like she's playing hide n' go seek. She gets very confused though because she knows she is supposed to be folding her arms. That's a tricky one.
-We have been reading the nativity fairly often this month. So now almost every night when I ask Briz what book she wants to read, she says, "Cheesus." It's very sweet. She sort of likes "Anta" (Santa) too, but he's just alright. The real Santa freaked her out.
- She has this weird obsession with monkeys. But not in a cute way. She thinks that there is a monkey in her room. She always points to the closet. I
tried taking away the stuffed dog that I thought maybe she was mistaking for a monkey, but it didn't do any good. She will get scared sometimes and run up to me and hug me. When I ask her why she's afraid, she says, "Monkey." And now she has started saying, "No no monkey."
- She likes numbers, but doesn't really understand counting. So for example, she will look at two items of something and say while she points to the objects, "Whu, two, tee." (one, two, three) When I ask her how many there are of something, this is always what she does.


Amander said...

Love this post. I really need to see her again - she sounds like she's at such a fun age!

Sammy said...

Love Briz! I'm sad at how long its been since I've seen her!

Tamara said...

I love this! I wish I had written all those sorts of things down when my babies were babies... I love hearing about Briz... she's such a cool little person! :)

Evie Wonder said...

Love the picture! Hilarious!