Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm only like a month behind. But I have lots of excuses as to why I am. None of which I'm going to take the time to explain here, because well I'm busy. But here are a bunch of pictures from Hawaii. It's a little depressing posting them because it already feels so long ago. Maybe
I need to go back again soon :) I wish!

The view from our condo.

Nick and our moped.

Uhhh, look at that water!

I really wanted to buy this for Briz, but it was too small.

Beautiful sunset one night.

Top left: Nick and Brett trying out the moped. Possibly my favorite picture from the trip.
Top Right: Julia and I tried to get on the paddle board at the same time. It was a lot of work and we were pretty unsuccessful. I snorted a ton much salt water up my nose from laughing while falling in the water.
Bottom left: Nick getting sandy
Bottom right: Nick and Brett flirting with the old ladies.

Top left: Nick, Kyle, and Brett out on the the town in Lahaina
Top Right: Brett posing with a creepy cowboy guy. Who knew cowboys exist in Hawaii?
Bottom left: Before dinner at a local Hawaiian restaurantght:
Bottom right: After dinner

We had so much fun with our friends in Hawaii. We did miss our Briz. I'm not sure she missed us, but we like to pretend she did. We did, however, sort of forget that we had a kid sometimes. It was like before we had her. Anyone ever want to go to Hawaii, let us know. You know we're always up for it!


Amander said...

Looks like an amazing trip!

And I love that onesie. I would love to have Niya wear one :)

Julia said...

oh man! The pic of brett on the back of the scooter kills me. sigh... so fun.