Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Isn't She Cute?

Okay, so maybe you can't tell if she's cute and I'm just a little bias, but I think she's already cute. One thing I know for sure is she is very different from Briz. During the ultrasound she was all stretched out and CONSTANTLY moving. Briz moved a lot too, but she was all balled up and would kick and punch. This baby is just always rolling and stretching out.
I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little nervous about having two hyperactive, strong girls. Yikes. Whoever said Karma exists? Nick and I were the easiest kids ever!
But regardless I love her already and can't wait to see her in real life. I can't wait to see her face and get to know her personality.
I have been very nervous about being able to handle two, and all the changes that will bring. One kid is easy. I just cart her around everywhere I go. But two kids, that means I'm like a REAL mom. However, after seeing her ultrasound, it makes those feelings just all go away (at least temporarily) and I can't wait to be able to watch her all the time.


Sierra said...

I am so excited for you! I wish I got to be around more. Good news though, I'll still love her even if her ultrasound looks like Voldemort. I thought Briz did too--now she's the cutest little girl on this planet.
It's cool, you breed cute kids.
And I'll love them regardless.

Kelly Munns said...

oh my gosh, how sweet is she?! and you'll do great. soon enough you'll say that carting two kids around is easy enough. then you'll have another and on and on until you're finished having kids :)

Adam and Bri said...

so excited for you! you're going to do great.

and she IS super cute. no doubt about that.

Amander said...

Oddly enough, that may be one of the first ultrasounds where I think the fetus might actually look cute on an ULTRASOUND. So good work on that.

And you are going to be awesome at being a mom to two!

Papworth's said...

She is so cute! That is a great ultrasound picture!! So excited for you guys! Nick was out numbered already but it's about to get worse!!!It's funny how all your cares melt away once you've got them and get the hang of it! You'll be great! We just got a double jogging stroller and I love it!