Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm a Terrible Mother

I have a few reasons for this:

1. I took a ton of pictures over the weekend we celebrated Brizzy's b-day. We celebrated it a week early because the in-laws were in town and we wanted them to be there. Not only did I take her b-day pictures but Easter ones, and some great ones of her with "Grandpa Juwey" (her joint name for Grandpa and Grandma). I lost the card that has all of the pictures on it. In one of my stupid pregnancy moments, I was in the middle of looking for my lost glasses, and lost another item. The card is ridiculously small, so I have almost no hope it will show up. So yes, I have no pictures of my daughter's 2nd birthday.

2. Since we celebrated her b-day a week early, we decided to not really do anything on her actual birthday (this last Saturday the 30th). My Dad called to sing her Happy B-day the morning of her big day, and when he called, I realized I had actually forgotten it was her b-day. I really didn't remember at all, and probably wouldn't have if someone hadn't called and reminded me! I'm a terrible mother!


Amander said...

You are NOT a bad mom! You are just a little forgetful. Blame the pregnancy horomones.

Nick and Lexie said...

Thanks Mander! You're right, I'm definitely going to start using this pregnancy more as an excuse. I only have limited time to do so. Because when I'm not pregnant, that means that I AM a bad mom :)

tlenox said...

Now the second daughter won't feel so bad when she sees that she's not the only one without 2nd birthday pictures.

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

It's ok...I lost our camera when Wyatt was about 3 weeks old and we didn't save any of the pictures to anything befre it got, we have like NO pictures of Wyatt till he was about 6 weeks old. We have like 3 pictures we emailed out when he was born and a few from when my mom came to visit, but that's it. NO pictures from his first 6 weeks....I'm still trying to get over that one.