Monday, July 25, 2011

The Beach . . . brrr

A few weeks ago, I think in the month of June sometime (but who really knows because its all a cloudy blur) I took Briz to the beach. Sierra was back in town from Africa, and I wanted to show her a good time so I brought her along and let her freeze at the beach. It's no secret that I really like to complain about the Oregon weather this year, and just a forewarnng: I am going to continue to do so as long as it continues to suck this bad!
We met up with my aunt, Yah yah, cousin Madisen, and the twins she nannies, Cole and Ty. Or as Brizzy calls them, just CoTy.

Here they are all playing together. We are constantly working on our sharing skills because Brizzy still has a tendency to be a bully.

She is crazy and loved walking in the water. I thought she would freak out when she felt how cold it is, but her feet must have gotten numb instantly cause she thought it was the greatest thing.

More marching.

With YahYah (who is also my doula). This is right before Briz fell flat on her face. Even though she was sad, it was pretty funny and like the negligent mother that I am, I spent a lot of time laughing at her.
Mads with one of the twins.

For some reason, I have a lot of kissing action shots between Sierra and Briz. Maybe one day I'll make a book out of them.

Even though it wasn't good weather, it's always good to go. The Oregon coast is absolutely beautiful even in the cold, wind, and rain. And I'm glad Briz still likes the beach. Don't know what I would do with her if she didn't.


Sierra said...

Kissing action? More like HATING action. The pictures just overcompensate for her current lack of interest of me.

Amander said...

Awww...that Briz sure is cute. Hopefully your next one comes out just as adorable.

Keith said...

Your guys' little girl is super cute. Congrats on your second.