Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In June sometime, Nick had to go up to Seattle to get his new passport expedited. Did I mention why? Oh yeah, because his company decided to fly him to London last minute. He's got a rough life! Luckily, I had been sort of prepared for this. He had mentioned about a month earlier that they wanted to send him to London, and the first time he told me I almost cried. I started going into convulsions and tried to get over my rage/depression by immediately writing down lists of things he needed to see and do. It got postponed a few times so by the time it actually happened, I was composed (for the most part).
Anyhoo, this summer has been nuts. Not just because the weather is probably the worst of all time in Oregon, but because Nick and I have seen very little of each other. Sometimes when people mention him, I respond with, "Nick who?" He was trying to be very nice and invited Briz and I to come to Seattle with him, so we had a quick over the night staycation. It didn't go exactly as planned as Briz got sick. But hey, it was something.

We took Briz to the children's museum (its free the last hour of the day by the way, free being one of my favorite words) and she wasn't that excited, since most of her time was spent in the bathroom. The word of the weekend was "isgusting!" She's good at copying what I say.

Nick was trying really hard to force her to have fun, but it just didn't work too well.

At Seattle City Center at the big water fountain with Briz. The good old days when picking her up didn't make me feel like my back was going to give out.

Trying to be as enthusiastic as possible about the ginormous water fountain.

Just scoping things out with Dad.

Possibly my favorite part of the trip was discovering this tiny little pancake place in Bellevue. The food was awesome! Holy crap, I didn't know pancakes could taste that good (I may be bias as a really hungry pregnant woman). Here is Briz waiting to be seated.

And the flowers outside the pancake house didn't make me hate it either, if you know what I mean. Okay maybe you don't, but I love flowers.


Amander said...

When I read on FB that Nick was heading to London, I think I said, "No effing way. If I were Lexie I'd be so upset right now."

Too bad Brizzy got sick.

And I really like your sunglasses.

Kera said...

You have such a good attitude taking Briz places! I am so scared to go anywhere with the midget!

The Johnson Family said...

Brizzy is getting so big, she is adorable!