Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Sign

I wish I could wear a sign around that says:

"I just had a baby a month ago, please give me a break."

Particularly when:

- I am running so slow on the treadmill that I might as well be walking
- It takes me two hours to load up my car in the parking lot
- I am like Goldilocks and can describe my clothes as either too big or too small
- I have generally not showered when I go out into public
- Nick comes home and tries to be as nice as possible when he says as he looks around the house, "So . . . what did you do today?"


Amander said...

Um, the fact that you are running on the treadmill at ALL after just having a baby is remarkable.

And I saw your recent pics on FB. You look hot.

tlenox said...

I love this post. That would be an awesome sign to have. Perhaps you should market it.

easleyfamily said...

Can I copy this and put it on my blog? :)