Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So Long Summer

Summer is over, and really has been for a while. And while I am sad, it has been fun to start doing holiday things with Briz because she's old enough to get it. A couple weeks ago, however, we got a few days of warm weather, and as a true Oregonian I took full advantage of the sunshine and took B-riz to the pool.

One of Brizzy's big accomplishments of the summer (the first probably being that she didn't severely injure her baby sister), was swimming all by herself with just water wings. She also likes to jump off the side of the pool by herself, and swim to the side. We now have to practice her skills in the indoor Nike pool because our warmth and sunshine has left us :(

1 comment:

Amander said...

We've had a couple of cold weekends but for the most part it's been warm.

Glad Briz hasn't injured Holland too bad.

Can't WAIT to see you next week.