Monday, December 12, 2011


I am about a month behind in my posts. But I am sort of milking the excuses as much as possible right now (and this does not just go for my blog). :) I have mentioned numerous times about how great my friends are. One of my best friends came to stay with me for the weekend. And I love her. Not much more I can say about that. And Briz also loved her. I call Amanda, Mander, but Briz created her own nickname: Mamanda. Now, I'm not sure that is a nickname since it's longer than her actual name, but either way, I like it.

About a week after she visited, Briz was lying in bed and asked me if she could call Mamanda and tell her she loves her :)

Amanda wrote a better post about her trip here. She is such a sweet friend and also wrote a beautiful post about Holland here.

I tried to pay her back by giving her two activities for enjoyment: going to Briz' sports class and watching her fall every five seconds (I am pretty sure the other mothers thought I was pretty heartless as I laugh at my daughter when she injures herself, but I'm not gonna' lie, it's pretty funny), and seeing animals at the Zoo. With Amanda, you can never go wrong with animals.


Carly said...

I frequently get the urge to call amanda and tell her I love her when I am going to bed.

It makes me laugh to picture you guys in that theater finding out you are in a superfan version of Twilight.

Amander said...

Oh man, it WAS a great visit. I have been fighting an urge to jump on a plane to Portland virtually every weekend. Even if it just means I can sit on your couch at watch Gilmore Girls.

I'm glad Briz liked me. I was a little worried that I would be your one friend she hated or something. That would have sucked.

And I'm glad you laugh when Briz falls. Some of those other moms were just enablers - did the whole sports class for their kids. Their kids are going to be the ones who fail at life.

Anyway, you know how much I loved the zoo. I see advertisements for the zoo lights all over in SLC and I just think to myself, "I already saw the zoo lights in Portland" (even though they weren't really lit).

You did forget to mention the awesomeness of the superfan Eclipse we saw - which was really the highlight of the entire trip.

Amander said...

Also, I have now started asking everyone to call me Mamanda.