Friday, November 30, 2012

Highs and Lows of November

November has overall been a bit of a difficult month for us.  I am sure just the onset of Holiday-ness doesn't necessarily help because it brings up all kinds of feelings.  But in an effort to be concise, I will share some of our highs and lows:

- Lost my wedding ring.  Briz decided one night to take my wedding rings to bed with her because she wanted to sleep with treasure (my fault for leaving my rings in her bathroom).
- Car was in the shop all month.  We finally got it back the day before we left for California only to have it break down on the freeway in San Diego on the way to Legoland.  Turns out we need a new engine because the people who repaired it messsed up.  SO . . . our car is getting a new engine in San Diego.
- Struggled to rent our house.  Paying double mortgages is not fun.  I bet that's quite a shocker to most people
- Mitt lost the election (see last post)
-Grandpa Barney passed away, so we made a last minute road trip to Utah, in the snow.

- I found my rings!  I was looking for almost a month and they randomly showed up on the ground.  I swear sometimes it's God's way of reminding me that he's in charge, just to mess with me.
- I bought a high quality wedding ring with Sam at Wal-mart in Vegas so now I have two wedding rings.
- I had an awesome weekend with friends in St. George.  I miss them.  I wished we had a  monthly girls weekend.
- Went to San Diego and then Palm Springs for Thanksgiving week.  It was a blast (More detailed post about that to follow).  We played in the sun and spent time with our family.
- Saw some of our Ainge family for a few hours.  It was so great and made me wish I saw them more often.  Briz had a blast with her big cousins.
- I am driving a sweet dodge caravan around.  No really, I do love it a lot.  I feel cool too because I now fit in with my minivan friends, even though I'm only a temporary member of the club.  Plus, I am very much reminded of my high school days, driving around in my minivan, turning up the base and listening to some rap.  Still pretty much the same, except I have a three year old to dance along with me.

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Amander said...

I'm SO glad you found your ring! Although I'd like a picture of the ring you bought at WalMart.

And I wish we could have a girls' weekend every month, too. I miss you.