Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thoughts About the Election

Here are some of my thoughts about the election:

- Having worked on the campaign for this last year and in the 2008 campaign for Mitt Romney, I obviously have grown pretty attached to this presidential campaign season and election.  But I was surprisingly objective going into the Election night.  I would say I probably guessed a 40/60 chance that Mitt would win.  I knew that we had less ground people in Ohio and I thought it would come down to Ohio.  But once the night came around, I was surprised at how nervous I was.  I was also extremely surprised at how much Obama won by.  I thought it would be much more of a nail-biter.  I thought I would be up all night.  It felt very anti-climactic and obviously extremely disappointing to have such an early and decisive loss.

- Grandpa Barney passed away the night before the election.  He said he wanted to stick around until the election, but I think I should have taken this as a sign that he knew Romney wasn't going to win so there was no point in sticking around :)

- I was very proud of Mitt when he gave his concession speech.  I thought he was brief, gracious, and sincere.  I felt sick to my stomach for him and his family who has devoted SO much time and money to their race for the white house.  I know that he believed it was what he was supposed to do, and I really do hope they feel at peace after the loss.

- I liked Barack Obama's speech.  I felt like he was inspiring and motivating, and it did actually make me feel a bit more hope that perhaps things would improve.  I didn't appreciate how he glossed over the economy.  The only thing he even really mentioned about it was that it was in the past tense and that pissed me off quite a bit.   He mentioned fixing a few problems, but none of those were the economy.  I also get a little bit sick of the "we rise and fall as one nation" talk.  I personally believe that it is my duty to take care of my family first and I believe it is important for me to serve my fellow men, but not in a way that is dictated by my government.

- Even though the Senate won a lot of key Democratic positions, I was really excited to see the record breaking amount of women that were nominated to the Senate.

- Nick's stance on politics: "Lexie is really into it.  I would just like Mitt Romney to win so I can have sex."


Carly said...

It's funny; I didn't have strong feelings either way leading up to the election, but I found myself feeling sad for the Romney family too. I was disappointed it wasn't more of a nail-biter. And Nick's stance is not surprising. And what's wrong with Oregon- NOT legalizing pot? Thought you all loved it there.

Amander said...

Well, I hope that even though Romney didn't win Nick gets some again.

Garnerfam said...

Haha! Nick's comment was the best comment ever! :)