Tuesday, February 10, 2015

January Highlights

I have been trying to be more on top of Brizzy's chores and her sticker chart.  She has a list of chores that she is supposed to do every day, and whenever she gets one done she puts on an x on her chart and at the end of the week, she earns a penny for how many chores she has done.  I have experimented with a few different systems for chores and this one seems to be sticking.  Her chores are: homework, piano, clean room, clean play area, and exercise.  Then on Saturday she has a special chore that usually requires help from mom or dad.  One day she she made her bed and said, "Look mom, I made my bed just like Nona."  When Nona is here, she will often do Brizzy's chores for her.  I give my mom a hard time for it, but it seemed to help Briz in this case.

We don't watch much TV, not having cable helps us with that.  But when we do watch Netflix, Briz is all about Daniel Tiger.  She has watched the first season I don't know how many times, but I'm perfectly fine with it.  She has been insisting for a few weeks that just like on Daniel Tiger I make some banana swirl.  I finally made Briz some banana swirl at home.  

Briz is a fun little shopping partner.  She constantly picks things out and is saying, "Oh mom, this is SO cute" . . . . "Oh wow, this is adorable!"  Usually her choices are quite interesting.  But this particular tank top that she picked out for her Dad had me laughing to myself for a while.

One of the girls I visit teach had twins two months ago.  She has had a lot of visitors, and our family has been off and on sick, so I was trying to stay away.  But no more.  I got to spend a whole morning just cuddling with these sweet babies.  It almost made me miss having a newborn . . . Almost.

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Amander N said...

Ah! Newborns, so cute.
And Briz is so dang funny and quirky.