Sunday, June 14, 2009


Ann had her beautiful little baby girl, Ruby Lou, on Tuesday, June 9th. We went to visit her so Briz could get to know her second cousin right away. It was so fun to be with both of them.

Ann, Ruby, Briz, and me. It looks like Briz is staring at Ruby.
Briz loves to give kisses. I think its mostly because she thinks she's going to be able to suck on something.

Nick thinks that its time to begin tossing her already.

So cute! I love this picture! It looks like Ruby is already tired of Brandon loving her too much! Dad, geez!

Just chillin' with Dad.

Briz was a good sport while we were taking pictures. Ruby probably wouldn't have woken up for anything. Still so exhausted from delivery!

Just a little love nudge.

Their cute little feet.

The proud Dads and the girls they are already spoiling.

New moms. I can't believe how good Ann looks. I was not willing to show my face in any pictures a few days after pregnancy, because I was still incredibly hideous.

Great Grandpa Cottle with his great granddaughters. He was so sweet with them. He started welling up, and said that there is nothing better in life than this. He also said that this would be the closest he would get to the Celestial Kingdom :)

She is so sweet. I just love her. She is so fragile, and it already made me nostalgic for when Briz was a few days old. It feels like so long ago, yet it goes by so fast.

She has the cutest little cry. It's this hoarse high pitch thing. She sounds like a tiny little bird.

I am freaking out about her toes. They are really long like Brizban's.


Ashlee said...

so cute! I can't believe how fast they grow either. And, I think you look great. Especially since the eyes are back... that was weird.

Kelly Munns said...

oh isn't she the cutest thing with all that hair! wow. such a sweet looking baby. and that almost made me cry about great grandpa. what a sweet man.