Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Baskets

When we were staying at Mike and Julie's, Julie gave the three grand daughters their first little Easter Baskets. They were so cute. She even got them cute little Easter dresses (see upcoming post).

Libby was very excited about her basket and new dress.

We decided to use Kloey's new floaty to try to help her sit up for longer. She was very confused, which then turned into frustration. How do I get out of this thing??!!

After peeing through her clothes, Mom's giving her kisses on her back to tickle her. I love seeing the front part of her when this happens :)

Reading her new book that came in her basket. We can never get enough books!!!

Love this look she's giving me. Mom, what are you doing? Don't you even think about stealing my new toys.

Brizzy loved seeing all of the new things to play with, chew on, throw, etc. in her basket. It's such a fun age, because she gets really excited about things now. She's such a spoiled little girl!

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