Saturday, April 3, 2010

Naked Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures of Briz and Sadie hanging out in their diapers, like cool girls do.
And I narrated what I imagined they're saying to each other in each picture,
"Sadie, you need to move your hand here."

"Thanks for the tip Briz."

" Hmmm, where'd you get your diapers? I like them."

"No Sadie! If you don't knock it off, I swear . . . "
"Don't tell me what to do Brizzy . . . you get back over here."

"Okay, Sadie, just calm down."

"No, I don't want to!"

"It will be alright Sadie"
"Don't touch me."

"Let's hold hands and make up."
"Uh, I don't know if I'm ready to forgive you yet."

"That's some nice hair."

"Where do you get it done?"

"Sadie, shh, be quiet for a second."

They're both singing.

After all of the conversing, they're lying on the floor, and Sadie decides to share her pacifier with Brizzy.

The ladies just chillin' with their pacifiers.

Briz wanted Sadie's all weekend, because well, let's face it, hers was bright pink and much cooler.

"Uh, mom, where's my pacifier?"
"Mmmm, this pacifiers tastes excellent."



Carly said...

I was laughing out loud (in my office) about these pictures. I love the narrations Lexie. I can't wait until they can actually talk to hear what they say to each other.

Carly said...

Oh and I also love that there is not one single picture where they are both looking at the camera

Amander said...

Where'd your Easter Basket post go?? That was cute.

Meredith said...

These pictures are awesome. You caught some sweet facial expressions.