Friday, April 30, 2010

One year ago today

Today is Brizzy's first birthday. Yesterday, I went on two runs, probably from having a little bit of anxiety about it. But as I was running, I was thinking about my life exactly a year ago. It was such an exciting time, having my baby girl enter this world. And everyone has told me the last year how fast it goes. It's hard to believe because it's so cliche, but it really does.
I've never had a lot of sadness about Briz growing up. I think most of this is because she has always seemed to want to be a big girl, and the older she gets, the happier she gets, which makes my life happier. Each new stage is so much fun for me to watch and be a part of. But this last week, for whatever reason, it just hit me. And as I was packing away some of her littler clothes that no longer fit her and taking out some of the bigger clothes that I had stored, I had to fight the tears back. My little baby is becoming a little toddler. I can't even really explain why this makes me sad, because I love her age and I have so much fun with her, and I know I will continue to have so much fun. Maybe some of you more experienced mothers have an explanation.
Either way, this last year has been the best year of my life. I'm so grateful beyond words that I was blessed with my little girl. It's been wonderful reflecting on how my life has changed since a year ago today (when she nearly killed me coming out)!


Briawna said...

Happy Birthday, Brizzy! With each of my kids, I've had a harder time letting them "grow up". I was fine with Palmer getting older and hitting all the milestones. Portia...a little less so. With Teya, I just want her to stay a newborn forever. But Briz was a little more challenging as a newborn, so I get why she (and you) would be happier growing up. Hey, one seriously good thing about Briz growing up is that you no longer have Satan eyes.

Amander said...

Obviously I have no experience, but they grow SO much during that first year, it's sort of sad to know they will never be that way again. They start to get so independent and they don't need as much from you. They are on their way to being little people. And babies are just fun and sweet and hilarious to watch try so many new things.

Zach and Cristi Benedict said...

Your baby is one cute little girl! Happy Birthday to her!

Evie Wonder said...

It's been fun seeing her grow up this past year. She is SO cute! (Side comment about your story from the North: I did that in front of my boss once. He just looked away, trying to pretend he didn't see me do it which totally made it more embarrassing!)