Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Check Up

Brizzy had her 1 year check up and here are her stats:

Weight: 20 lbs. 14 oz. - 50th %ile
Height: 28 in. - 25%ile
Head- 75%ile

So she's now my short and stalky, rolly polly girl. I love her chubby cheeks, double chin, big belly, and thunder thighs. And she also a pretty tough little girl. She hardly ever cries when she falls, runs into things, hits her head, slips, etc. (which happens a lot).
She is now walking, but it is fairly slow and clumsy. She's constantly falling on her bum and then finding something to pull herself up on again. She likes to hit now, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't know she's hitting. She lightly slaps people's faces, but sometimes she hits hard on accident. She loves playing with balls, cars, blocks, anything that is not feminine pretty much :) She's fairly aggressive. And she LOVES big kids. She signs more ALL the time!!! Whenever she likes something she eats, or someone is doing something she likes, she lets them know she wants more. She also signs ball, eat, and waves hi constantly. She knows where her hair and belly are, and will even pat her belly like an old fat man when she's being goofy.
I love my little pal. She's my buddy.


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Adam and Bri said...

what a little cutie. i can't believe she's one!