Friday, May 28, 2010

Graduation Part 1- Cottle Get Together

I am a little bit behind on posting pictures from Nick's graduation. He officially graduated on Sunday, May 16th. It was a fun weekend. His parents flew in from Utah and it was great hanging out with them. We went out to eat, played a little tennis, and spent some quality family time together. Not to mention it was sunny and in the high 70's, thus further proof that the universe wants them to move back to Oregon :) (The rest of the month has been extremely crappy weather).
The Saturday night before graduation, we went out to eat with family, and then went over to Grandpa Cottle's for dessert. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful family that lives close by and is so supportive of our family.

Nate and Maddie were so nice to entertain Brizzy. She loved the attention.

A little sweaty and tired from playing so hard.

Nick getting some advise from Gramps.

Little Ruby is so adorable. Her and Briz had fun playing.

It's amazing how much she's improved in her walking since this picture was taken. But at the time, she had her frankenstein walk going.

All the fam at dinner.

Grammie spoils Brizzy way too much when she's here. Mom is not quite as fun, so Brizzy goes through withdrawals when Grammie leaves.

Getting ready to poke each other. It was a very messy end of the table.

Her Papa and Pa. It was a battle of favorites.

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