Monday, May 17, 2010


Brizzy is spoiled for many reasons:

Our neighbor, "Grandma Annette" fed Briz her first taste of ice cream. Notice the chocolate moustache. And she is signing "more" because well, who doesn't want more ice cream after a taste? Our neighbors spoil Briz with all kinds of stuff and attention.

Grammie and Pa came into town from Utah, and they brought with them way too many presents. A few of which were from her Aunt Brittany, who is perhaps one of Brizzy's biggest spoilers!

One of her presents is this awesome pool for Briz, that spouts water out. We tested it out, and Briz was pretty excited about this spout.

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Evie Wonder said...

Lucky, Briz. Don't be surprised if you peek out your window and see me hanging out in that thing! Congrats on Nick's graduation!