Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas # 1

Brizzy is ridiculously spoiled. There's really no other way to put it. She had three Christmases this year. The first one took place on Nick's b-day. We were going out of town for Christmas and so Nick wanted her to open some presents before we left. Plus, I think his b-day was so incredibly lame (another post another time) he wanted something to look forward to, even if it wasn't for himself.
She was standing like this for a while, with her hands folded behind her back.

I know she looks mad, but really she is just concentrating. She was trying so hard to open her present she started shaking.

Her favorite present (and one that I did not know about!) was her bike. Shey came down the stairs and when she saw it she started running in place and screaming, "bike bike bike!" I was a little mad at Nick because we had already discussed buying her a tricycle like this for her b-day when it starts to get nicer weather and she's older and more capable. But it was hard to get too angry when she was so excited. Mostly now she's forgotten about it. It hangs out in the garage and I will maybe re-gift it for her b-day:)

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Amander said...

Okay, I love her faces - especially her concentrating face!