Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snow snow snow!

At the beginning of December we took Briz to the snow for the first time. We went with our friends the Nelson's and we cut down our own Christmas tree. It's a lot of work packing Briz into snow gear while she whines and kicks me. But once she was in the snow, she loved it.

Nick tossing Briz in the air and I'm very nervous about it. But I still took a picture :)

I loved our Christmas tree. It smelled SO good and I literally watered it once for the entire month (It did however take 2 hours to put it up and a lot of debating and it also fell over twice while Nick was out of town in Dec.)

I love this picture of Nick and Briz. Nick did make a true statement though. He said he always looks like a robber when he wears a bini. Hahaha.

This snow is great!

Making Briz and Jaron pose in the snow. One of my favorite things about it is that Briz wasn'tvery mobile, cause it wasn't too packed. It was a nice change!

I can hardly move but I'm happy

I definitely think this is a tradition I want to start. Our tree only cost $5 and we didn't break the law! Bonus.

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Amander said...

Love those pics of her in her snow clothes.

And that pic of Nick throwing her in the air freaks me out - she looks like she's up there so high!