Thursday, January 27, 2011

Christmas getaway and a long post

I really do apologize in advance for all the pictures. And I don't blame you if you don't look at all of them.
For Christmas we had an adventure. We went with the Cottles to Vegas and then to Palm Springs. It was so much fun to see Briz play with her cousins.
Seth showing us Libby's teeth. I was shocked that she just let him play with her mouth. Briz would freak out.

Libby and Kloey are freaks about swimming. I would not be surprised if they can swim on their own this summer, because they already want to. They are just born fishes. Here is Libby blowing bubbles.

Briz playing with "Backuh" (How she pronounces Grandpa).

We were each in charge of a day and this is was Jacci's. In Vegas we went to the Winter Wonderland with a bunch of lights.

Briz giving Libs hugs and kisses.

The cousins in their coats. Who knew Vegas gets so cold in the winter?

I think this is the only picture I'm in from Christmas. Nick and I are getting into the Christmas spirit here.

Blinding Dad.

This could be quite possibly the ugliest cheesy smile ever. But it's what she does now.

The girls were SO excited to go on the carousel.

This is SO much fun!!!

Christmas Eve afternoon, Mike and Julie put on a princess party for the girls. And I have to admit it was pretty hillarious. I had no idea Briz would even care, but she loved it. This picture of Libby makes me laugh. She looks like she just won Miss America and she is overwhelmed.

Briz' tummy makes her a little awkward, and the dress was a little bit too long. She kept tripping over it during their "fashion show."

In her princess gear and a little sweaty. She was working hard getting around in all of her stuff.

Squinty eyes.

Posing for their annual picture. It's a little challenging getting them to sit still let alone to look at the camera and smile.

Kloey loved giving Briz kisses. And Briz was always willing to oblige. She never turns down a kiss (she's Nick's daughter).

Story time with Dad.

Costume change to her Tinker Bell outfit, which also exentuated her pot belly.

Christmas morning, Briz loved the golf clubs. Mike and Julie bought a collective little kids golf set. Briz almost got violent with them, it was a little scary.

Whitney got Nick the perfect game called "Cheater."

Brizzy and Grandpa hangin' out on the balcony. She looks so big to me here.

Checking things out with Aunt Brittany.

Libby and her dramatic crying face again.

Getting dried off after swimming.

More kisses.

Cuddling with Grandpa.

She was walking around with this towel around her waist, it was so funny.

I gave Briz a timeout and Kloey wanted to join her.

Splashing around in the pool.

Swimming with grandma. She calls her "Juwee" for Julie. I really am not quite sure how she came up with this because we have tried to get her to call her Grandma. She kept saying over and over again while laughing, "No way Juwee!"

Briz misses her cousins. The other morning she woke up and sort of was whining, "Koey, Yibby." I thought it was hilarious because we hadn't seen them or talked to them in a few weeks. Can't wait to see them again this summer.

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