Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Zoo

One of the positives of living close to Portland is that there is a lot more to do (see, I'm working hard to have a good attitude). We got annual passes to the zoo and children's museum, both
of which are awesome. Last week we ventured out in the cold to the zoo. It was so nice with hardly anyone there and a ton of animals out. Briz was in heaven. Although she got about as excited to see any kind of water as she was to see animals.

The last time I took her was last summer and it's amazing how much more she knows now and how much more she knows. I'm excited for it to become a regular thing.

This was my attempt to capture the event, and it was as we were leaving, so she was done. Can you tell by this face?

Anyone ever want to join me, let me know!


Amander said...

I LOVE the zoo. Next time I come visit (and there WILL be a next time this year) we'll have to go!

Papworth's said...

CUTE! We went to the Children's museum out there and bought a pass too! It worked in Denver too. I'll tell you what though, if you ever head to Nebraska, The children's museum in Lincoln is by far the best children's museum ever! It's so cute! I hope Briz is having fun with her new outings! P.S. Love love the ponytail! So impressed with Nick!