Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Car Ride

These are the things that Brizzy whined out loud on our car ride to work/daycare this morning (in order):

- Mo toas!!! (toast)
- seewee (cereal)!!!
- juice!!!
-Mo Juwee !!! (what she calls Grandma Cottle, she calls her by her first name, Julie)
- Mo toas!!!
- printheth!!! (princess) - this usually means she wants to listen to a princess song from my iPod - I have quite a few disney selections, but sometimes I have no idea what she means
- Binky!!!
- Mo toast!!!
- scooo!!!(school)
- ogut!!! (yogurt )- what she eats at daycarefor breakfast
- Ewon!!! (Aaron)- friend at school
- Cassdeee (Cassidy) - another friend at school
- Hodeee!!! (Holly) - daycare teacher
- Batheball!!!
- Lellow!!! (Yellow)
- Nemo!!!

And then of course Mommy about a million times. Aren't you so jealous of my car ride. At least we get a chance to work on our vocabulary :)

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Sammy said...

i love it when they start to talk and need an interpreter. I need to see her!