Saturday, February 5, 2011

January . . . eh

January was sort of a crappy month, so I'm glad it's over. When we got back from Christmas with the Cottles, we had less than a week to pack up all of our crap (and we have a lot of crap) and move. We moved about an hour north to a suburb of Portland, Beaverton. I'm sure a lot of you already know this, but moving is exhausting. And it was my first experience moving with a toddler. Yikes!

In moving I have learned that perhaps I have a problem. I get too attached to things. That may not sound like a problem, but when you have to detach is. I miss my friends, my ward, my house, my neighbors, my gym, and my short drive to work (That's the short list). It's not all bad and I'm starting to get used to my house and neighborhood.

It was also a rough month because Briz had a difficult time adjusting, and she also had a sinus infection. She was SO clingy with me and afraid of lots of stupid things in our house. She was constantly testing me and challenging me. She's much more adjusted now, and while she still likes to push my buttons, her timeouts are once again working :)

This is Briz taking one of her many timeouts. Often I will ask her when she is doing something bad if she wants a timeout and she will tell me yes :) As long as it changes her behavior, I'm cool with it.


Kera said...

Ethan says "yes" to time outs all the time.. so confusing. Miss you :)

Amander said...

Moving sucks anyway, but moving with a toddler seems like a horrible time.