Friday, April 13, 2012

Dance Class

Brizzy started a dance class last week. And even though we are starting to get very busy with me working more, I wouldn't trade the 40 minutes for the world. She is hilarious in it. She loves it. Actually, more than anything, she loves to dress up in anything girly, wear jewelry in public, and look at herself in the mirror . . . which are all things she gets to do when she goes to dance. She is not the most skilled dancer (sorry, that's most likely my fault), but she sure can stand on her toes like a pro! Oh and she also likes to mix things up a bit with some break dancing, marching, sliding on her stomach for no apparent reason (actually, I think she just does this when she gets tired).

Next up, a post about her sports class. We like to butch it up sometimes, to balance out her extreme girliness.

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Adam and Bri said...

Thank you for saying "we like to butch it up sometimes." Made my weekend.