Monday, April 9, 2012

Grandpa and Grandma Julie

Grandma Julie and Grandpa (Briz referred to him as Pops once, which I personally would like to see stick) came on up to visit their homeland. And like usual, they brought the sunshine with them. We talk about them visiting more; we're always trying to get them to come out, and yes, we love them, but we also have an ulterior motive: to bring the nice weather! We have needed it.

It was so great having them. Although we did notice another pattern of their visits: Briz gets sick. It could be either: Grandpa force feeding Briz tums, bad yogurt, or perhaps just being endulged in her love of crap food. Either way, we'll take it in return for their company (Although next time we may make them clean up the puke). It's always a good time with them. And this time we even scored double by not only going to the Oregon coast and staying at an extremely cool resort, but by actually having nice weather.

As usual, Briz got ridiculously spoiled, we played games, watched movies, and talked a little bit about life (We didn't however play tennis!)

Briz said after they left her dance class today, "I want to go on the airplane with Grandpa and Grandma Julie." Maybe someday :)

Julie getting annoyed with my picture taking.

Mike and Nick having kite wars. So competitive those Cottles.

Brizzy's beloved whale shoes.

Briz pulling a no looker with flying her kite. No really, she's actually quite good. She's got an impressive rythm. We used to discuss training Briz to be a female wrestler, but I think we've moved on to bigger and better things, like a professional kite flyer.

See what I mean? Walking like it's no big deal. Impressive.

Nick is doing some serious coaching.

And even though she was a bit whiney swimming, she came around and as always was able to be bribed with treats. She finally jumped off the side and swam by herself.

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LostInTheHundredAcreWood said...

Nick... "let me help you..." I thought that was just a ploy to take over the string!!!! It made me laugh!!!
Brizz is a natural!!!