Monday, June 11, 2012

Chicka Chicka Slim Sadie (and Carly)

We were privileged enough to be graced with the presence of Carly and Sadie Nielson last weekend for a few days.  It was an awesome time.  There were a few downsides so I will get those out of the way: the weather sucked big time, poor Sadie got sick, the John grandparents now have some competition, and Briz now thinks that anytime we see someone new she is going to get to see Sadie.

But it was a blast to see Briz and Sadie play together (which mostly consisted of having stupid arguments over which color plate they wanted and fighting over the mini Ariel doll).  They had some great in depth conversations about life and death (no really, they did).  But mostly, I loved having my friend Carly around.  I miss her a lot and I wish she lived closer.  She was nice enough to come along with me on my crazy day of work.  We drove up to Seattle, but the good news is that we ended up having hours and hours to talk in the car.  Still wasn't enough time.  Come back soon Carly and Sadie.  And next time, bring Big D and Loui Gooey.

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