Thursday, July 5, 2012

Baby Dane

A few weeks ago my sister Mac and her little boy, Baby Dane came into town to visit us in Portland.  I am so glad they did, cause I was going crazy trying to entertain myself in this crappy weather.  Plus, it had already been way too long since we had seen Baby Dane; he had changed a ton (and his official name is Baby Dane).
Briz loved seeing baby Dane.  He slowly but surely grew on her.  At first she was a little unsure about his drooling and spitting.  Well, truthfully, she still wasn't a big fan of that by the end. But I really don't know what her problem was.  As she was in the middle of getting grossed out by his drool, she was sitting there picking her nose.  More than anything she wanted to take a bath with Dane, and the poor baby handled her aggressive bathing skills quite well.
I loved having him around too.  My sister is always protective of me and was worried it might be hard for me to be around him, and it definitely stirs up feelings.  But mostly I just loved being around him.  I laugh at every single thing he does, every look and sound (This, by the way, is only in part due to his looking a lot like Kenny from South Park).  I just wanted to eat him up.  I realize that Briz and I are not around babies very often, and I am sort of a baby person, so it was nice to get a bit of that baby fill.  I could use a bit of baby Dane probably every day.
In the meantime, I am somewhat creepy with other peoples' babies.  When I see them, I sort of can't stop staring.  And I think to myself, "Maybe if I stare long enough they will offer to let me hold them."   But no, it hasn't happened yet.  Come back soon Dane so I stop freaking out strangers.

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