Sunday, July 1, 2012

Friend, Friends, 1, 2, 3

This is the name of the song that Briz sings at preschool.  It ends with, "All my friends are here with me."  Pretty genius if you ask me.

Briz loves Piper.  And let's be honest, I love Piper.  Megan and I generally do a swap once a week for these two precious girls and it's one of the best times of my week (although we've been slacking the last few weeks).  Mostly because Briz and Piper are hilarious together.  They have the funniest conversations together where they call each other "sweetie" and "hun."  Yes, there is some fighting over toys, but it's SO good for Briz to learn all of those things with another little person in her home.  I have had fun taking them on little outings.  Here are some pictures and videos of them at the Flower Festival in downtown Portland.  And I'm not going to lie, when Piper was being the funny yoga star and cracking up all of the people around me, I didn't NOT say she wasn't my little girl :)

 Piper really getting into the yoga.

 Striking a seductive pose.

 What can I say? Piper knows the way to Brizzy's heart.  She's feeding her fruit snacks (Although this one I think is off the ground).

 They love to pretend they don't want to hug each other.

 Doing some princess ballet (it's a very specific kind of ballet).

 Again with the forced hugs.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, these two are the coolest three and two/three year olds ever.  They are big fans of Fun, Gotye, and The Naked and Famous.  They love to cruise around listening to some Indie rock with their sunglasses on.  

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