Sunday, July 15, 2012

Our Temple Trip

We only live about fifteen minutes away from the Portland temple but we had an adventurous night there tonight as we visited the grounds after church.  Here is all of the exciting things that happened:

Part 1:  Briz was very excited about the flowers she saw at the temple.  She was also excited about posing with her dress as she sat down.

Part 2 - Perfected the posing and Dad made her laugh so hard that  . . . 

Part 3:  She took a pee right on temple grounds.  Yep, we had no warning.  All of a sudden, there was a big puddle.  We contemplated tossing her sopping underwear in the bushes, but then realized that that may qualify us for hell, so we opted for making her carry them around.

Part 4:  Like the dirty girl she is, she took it in stride and carted her pee underwear around like a champ.  She kept dropping them on the ground, saying "Woops, I dropped them!"  At one point she enthusiastically threw them in the air like a pom pom.

Part 5:  Perfecting the posing with the pee underwear.  She started to get pretty comfortable with them, and she started treating them just like an accessory.  At one point she even wacked another little girl in the head with them.  No biggie.  Who hasn't gotten hit in the head with someone else's underwear drenched in pee right?   

Nick and I felt like this was one of  the true highlights of our parenting careers thus far.  Especially when Briz went up to try to talk to other little kids and the parents gave her (and the smelly object in her hand) the stink eye.  At that point, we just ignored her.  Yep, we are excellent parents.  It wasn't quite the spiritual evening we had anticipated, but at least Nick and I had a good time laughing at our child.     


stacyainge said...

Leave it to Briz to turn a spiritual night into an "event". Still love the pictures.

McKenna said...

Hahahahaha! That's all i can say about that.

Amander said...

This is probably my most favorite thing that has ever happened - especially the way you and Nick reacted to it. Seriously, I couldn't stop laughing.

Hillary said...

This is the best story I've heard all day. I would proudly present you with the "Parents of the Year" trophy.